12 Simple Steps
To Loving Life

By Robert Radcliffe

12 Simple Steps to Loving Live

About the Book

"Robert Radcliffe's 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life is an uplifting book that gives readers good tips and techniques to improve the quality of their lives and to lead richer and fuller lives. The book enables everyone to practice a simple method of enhancing life through a proven and world renowned Twelve Step process."
- Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

12 Simple Steps To Loving Life unravels life's most challenging moments and takes the reader on an insightful and personal journey. Originally written for members of the worldwide and phenomenally successful organization Alcoholics Anonymous, The 12 Steps are now applied to anyone seeing a happy and peaceful life.

Recovered addict turned successful businessman and author Robert Radcliffe comprehensively applies The 12 Steps for everyone to benefit. This book is a quick read with results that will last a lifetime.

About the Author

Robert Radcliffe After seven years of considerable struggle, at the age of twenty-two (March 11, 1991), Robert made the choice to be sober from drugs and alcohol by applying the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, enabling him to turn his life around 180 Degrees and as a result of his commitment to living the twelve steps in his life, his recovery and self-improvement has led to his massive success spiritually and financially; once being a homeless drug addict to a self-made millionaire by the age of thirty.

"I went from being a daily-using drug addict, eventually, a home-less addict living on the streets to today, a completely sober, self-reliant, self-employed husband and father. I was able to miraculously transform my life before I turned thirty. The Twelve Steps presented in this book are credited to mine and millions of others success."

Eternally grateful to everyone who helped him become and remain sober, Robert felt compelled to reach out to others with both of his books; "180 Degrees" www.180book.com and "12 Simple Steps" in hopes that his story would inspire others to find their own success.

Robert continues to be of service as a philanthropist and active community member. He has shared his fascinating story on panels, in high schools, juvenile detention centers and throughout his community. He continues to be an active participant in the twelve-step community.

Robert resides happily with his wife Tara in Malibu, California.

You can email Rob at: rob@robertradcliffe.com or by phone 310-989-6700